iOS 10 Maps: Nearby Search UI Improvements

The iOS 10 beta on iPad adds some nice UI refinements in Nearby search.

IMG_0137IMG_0138The first two steps of a Nearby search are exactly the same in iOS 9. iOS 10 improvements start in the next step of the search, cafe in this case.
IMG_0139Instead of a mass of red drop pins the new iOS 10 Nearby UI offers search result icons with the cafe name in bold. If there is more than one cafe in the immediate area, Nearby displays a number. Tapping on the number icon filters the result list. The UI is dynamic and changes as you zoom in. The experience is cleaner and easier to use than Nearby search in iOS 9.

Another very nice addition, similar to Google’s approach, is the “Search Here” button that dynamically appears when you navigate to a adjacent area. Tap on it and Nearby searches again in the new area. IMG_0141