Apple Pay Coming to Japan (U)

Signs of the upcoming iPhone 7 release continue to grow in Japan. On Friday September 2, Docomo closed their premiere Marunouchi shop for unannounced and unscheduled employee training. The Marunouchi shop is the site for Docomo’s annual new iPhone grand opening sales event.

Japan’s leading smartphone journalist Tsutsumu Ishikawa who broke the FeliCa support in iPhone 7 story, later stolen by picked up by Bloomberg, posted an interesting tweet today. He notes the too close for coincidence grand reopening day for the Sanno Park Tower Starbucks. Friday September 16 is the rumored sales day for iPhone 7. His tweet implies there is a Suica/FeliCa/Apple Pay connection. Many Starbucks stores in Japan support the Suica tap to pay system. If support is announced at the September 7 Apple Event, there could be another reason for Japanese customers to upgrade to the new iPhone models.