Apple Pay Coming to Japan – Final Update


The Apple iPhone 7 event is less than 24 hours away. We’ll soon know all the details of Apple Pay in Japan. Okayama san’s Another Dimension tech blog has a good rundown of NCF Type F support, mobile FeliCa, coming with iPhone 7.

NFC Standards Japan Overseas
NFC TYPE A ISO/IEC 14443/18092 taspo card Apple Pay
NFC TYPE B ISO/IEC 14443 Drivers license, Domestic Registration card Apple Pay
NFC TYPE F ISO/IEC 18092 Suica、Edy、WAON、nanaco

Even if JR East’s Suica is the only Japan related announcement, it will be huge. Suica payment systems are well established at all the major convenience stores, many Starbucks locations and much more. Suica support plugs Apple Pay not only into the Tokyo public transport network but all the transport company connected retail network as well.