Apple Pay Japan Tidbits: Suica & Apple Watch, Pokemon Go & iOS 10.2, Suica Reload Lag, Other Stuff


Hacks for Creative Life! Kita san has a wonderful introduction to Suica Apple Pay on Apple Watch Series 2, everything from Apple Watch setup and Suica App/Mobile Suica account setup, to using it. Kita san likes it very much and his daily commute is now “stress free.” If you have an older iPhone, are not ready to upgrade to iPhone 7 but want to use Apple Pay in Japan, Apple Watch Series 2 is an option worth considering.

I don’t know why but I was having trouble playing Pokemon Go with iOS 10.1. Suica sometimes didn’t seem to work until I quit the game. Testing the iOS 10.2 beta has been pleasant surprise. iPhone 7 feels faster and Suica response is always instantaneous and bullet proof now. It works fine with Pokemon Go even going through the station Suica turnstile. The only remaining flies in the ointment are those pesky TMN UT1-Neo readers and the horrible Lawson Apple Pay double verification checkout process. It is so bad that Japanese users tweet they are avoiding Lawson altogether.

There is another bonus for Japanese iPhone users in the iOS 10.2 beta, the camera shutter sound is much quieter and can be silenced with the mute button when taking screen shots.

Yuriko Ota wrote a interesting piece on the Keitai Watch news site about Suica Apple Pay reload lag. I have noticed the Apple Pay reload lag too, it takes 20 seconds or more after Touch ID verification for the reload amount to show up on Suica.

The lag is due to transaction processing on the JR East Mobile Suica system. The Android Mobile Suica app tells you that reloading can take anywhere from “20 to 60 seconds.” I notice that Suica reloading seems faster in the iOS 10.2 beta, about 15 seconds.