Dear Apple Maps, Your Japanese Map Data From IPC is Rotten

IPC Maps.png

Not many people bother to blog about Apple Maps anymore so it’s refreshing to read a different user’s point of view. A Japanese blogger by the name of Train, a train enthusiast I think, posted an interesting take of Apple Maps Japan.

He notices that despite the addition of Google level quality transit info provider Jourdan, the embarrassingly out of date map data from IPC still ruins the party. His barrel-full of shot up fish includes:

Some of this is Apple not updating the IPC date they have, but IPC’s data itself is pretty bad. My own favorite IPC goof is the Great Shibu Hot Spring Data Cutoff (zoom all the way in). The IPC motto says it all: Feel The Space!

Seriously though, I suspect that the poor state of IPC road data is the reason why Traffic is still missing from Apple Maps Japan.