Find My AirPods

I love macgeek san’s videos. He has a great way of explaining things by actually showing you no matter how far he has to travel.

On iOS 10.3 day he walks us through the update via iTunes 12.6 (I didn’t know 12.6 was required for an this update). Then he puts his AirPods in a coin locker (dig the Suica Apple Pay Apple Watch transaction) and drives off to Yokohama Landmark Tower to test Find My AirPods. It works.

Macgeek san makes a good point that the Find My AirPods ‘play sound’ feature only works when AirPods are out of the case and you are close enough to hear the sound. Limited but useful. Nice work.

He also posted Find My AirPods part 2 that covers what happens if you lose an AirPod when connected to Apple Watch.