iOS 10.3 Update Improves Suica Apple Pay Express Transit Performance

topMy experience with the latest iOS 10.3 upgrade has been a very positive one. iPhone 7 feels snappier, a completely subjective observation, but another pleasant surprise is nuch improved Suica Apple Pay Express Transit performance at the ticket gate.

Using Suica Apple Pay for over three months I noticed there were always certain dodgy ticket gate NFC readers. Most of the time they worked OK but other times the gate reader didn’t register and Suica Express Transit didn’t activate.

After lots of trial and error I developed a little knack to deal with dodgy ticket gates: put the iPhone screen back to sleep with a touch of the sleep/wake button and wave it over the ticket gate reader again. Worked every time.

I am happy to report that since upgrading to iOS 10.3, I don’t need to use my sleep knack anymore. Every single former dodgy ticket gate now works great with Suica Apple Pay Express Transit.