A Tip for Fixing Apple Pay Suica Screen Death Syndrome-Update

Black Suica

Six months of Suica Apple Pay has worked great for me but a few Japanese users have recently tweeted that Suica screen notifications sometimes stop working with iOS 10.3.1 and 10.3.2. I encountered the issue recently but the fix is simple.

First of all despite all appearances Suica keeps working just fine for transit and purchases. It’s just that Suica sound and screen notifications stop working. Even worse the Suica balance on the screen does not update after Suica Apple Pay recharging or store purchases. Don’t worry, Suica really is working fine and notifications very easy to fix.

Open Wallet and go to the Suica preferences section that you use to recharge Suica. Scroll down and tap: Turn On Help Mode (ヘルプモードをオンにする).

Suica Help Mode is near the bottom of Suica preferences in the Wallet app.

This brings up TouchID verification to turn on Suica help mode. Do that and the screen confirms that Suica help mode is on. That’s it. After a few seconds Suica Apple Pay notifications will be working fine with the correct balance and all transactions properly displayed.

Suica help mode is a one minute mode designed to help you if Suica is unresponsive and the station gate does not let you through. Help mode forces Suica Apple Pay to soft reset itself and talk with the JR East Mobile Suica server. After turning it on there’s nothing more you need to do, after one minute Suica Apple Pay automatically reverts to normal operating mode.

Hopefully the next iOS update, 10.3.3 will clear up this issue for those few Suica Apple Pay users who have encountered it.

Update 6/9
If you are still encountering the problem, restart your iPhone then put it in Suica Help Mode. That will clear up any remaining problems.