The Fine Print

iOS11The big announcements from WWDC are fun to read about but so are the small print features the flash by during the keynote. Some of the highlighted ones appear on Apple’s iOS 11 preview page, Automatic setup for example. Others do not, NFC reader mode…interesting.

Everyone will be analyzing everything in the days and weeks to come. Here are ones I look forward to reading about or trying in the iOS 11 public beta: one-handed zoom in Maps, English input for Japanese Romaji keyboard, QR code support (is it only for China?), iCloud file sharing, Enhanced Dynamic Type support (developer side only?).

Of course there is also the fine print at the bottom of the iOS 11 preview page:iOS11 fine print.png

Scratch items 1, 3, 5 from the Japanese market until further notice, or the next major iOS release.

macOS HS features.jpg
macOS High Sierra features

There are fewer but small surprises on the macOS High Sierra side too, especially for Japanese users: Bilingual English/Japanese input and Japanese autocorrection that appears to use AI to learn and adapt to the user. Both are highlighted on Apple’s Japanese macOS High Sierra preview page.

english japanese bilingual input
Bilingual English-Japanese input
Japanese predictive correcting
Japanese auto correction