Suica Apple Pay Confirmed for SmartEX

After yesterday’s SmartEX launch announcement from JR Central, Japanese twitter users furiously analyzed and speculated over the meagre and vague smartphone details. What did it all mean? Can we use SmartEX and board the Tokaido Shinkansen with Suica Apple Pay?

JR East quickly confirmed support on the Suica Apple Pay Q&A site:

Q: Can I use Suica Apple Pay with SmartEX?
A: Yes, you can register and use your Suica Apple Pay with SmartEX.

Now that JR East has confirmed Suica Apple Pay expanding to another Shinkansen transit card system, will all the other major transit cards (PASMO, ICOCA, etc.) be supported by Apple Pay? The answer to that will be coming with the iPhone 8 announcment. This confirmation from JR East makes it very clear.