Something Went Wrong in Siri’s and Apple Maps Development (U)

John Gruber made a great post today:

Siri, as it stands today, is at best a halfway product. Again, I’m pro-Siri in the voice assistant debate, but even so I think it’s generous to describe it as “halfway”. The whole category is garbage, Siri included. And frankly, it just doesn’t feel like Apple has made as much progress in six years as they should have.

Something went wrong in Siri’s development, and it wasn’t the voice quality.

I don’t think it is entirely coincidence that two of Apple’s most troubled products, Siri and Apple Maps both appeared at the same troubled time: iOS 6 and the departure of Scott Forstall. They are very different products but the lack of progress in Siri and Apple Maps development after six years, is very troubling indeed.

John was very kind and tweeted a reply that Siri (2011) and Apple Maps (2012) don’t compare because Apple Maps has made far more progress in six years than Siri. That may be true for Apple Maps in America. In Japan Apple Maps is stuck in 2012 limbo

I don’t think there is a definitive answer. Yes, Siri has made excellent progress with natural sounding voices. Yes, Apple Maps has evolved into a good product for America. But these are parts, not a whole.

Again and again I think it all comes back to Steve Jobs WWDC 1997: is the total more or less than the sum of the parts? For John the answer might be more. For me, the answer is less which is why I see both Siri and Apple Maps facing the same problem; lack of progress.