Sony “Happy” for iPhone Global FeliCa

The once mighty Nikkei News took the trouble of calling Sony PR for a comment regarding worldwide FeliCa support in iPhone 8, iPhone X and Apple Watch Series 3. Sony said, “We’re extremely happy with any opportunity that increases FeliCa use.”

Tough assignment. The rest is a fluffy ‘Japanese products used in iPhone’ hack piece that always appears after a iPhone keynote. The Nikkei reporters note the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and the opportunity for ‘inbound’ FeliCa iPhone users to download the Suica app and add Suica to Apple Pay the instant they touch down at Narita and Haneda.

They forgot to fact check that Suica app is only available in the Japanese, and strangely enough, USA app stores, nor is there an English version, unless of course they are using insider information. Not the first time a Nikkei employee has done that.