iOS 11 moves Japanese MIC FeliCa Certification Mark to the Screen

iPhone 7 phones sold in Japan carry the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications regulatory mark engraved on the back due to the iPhone 7 FeliCa Apple Pay support. It was a bit of a brouhaha a year ago even though there was a new MIC guideline in the works to display the certification mark on the screen instead of the case.

Nice to know that is all settled and the MIC certification mark for FeliCa is on the screen now. Global FeliCa inbound iPhone 8, iPhone X and Apple Watch Series 3 devices are covered for use in Japan without having the mark engraved on the case.

Japanese iPhone 8, iPhone X and Apple Watch Series 3 models likely dispense with the case mark as well. We’ll all find out on September 22.

Update: global FeliCa iPhone Japanese models display the MIC screen mark but overseas models do not. Apple has likely received MIC certification for all global FeliCa iPhone models but only displays the MIC mark where it is legally required (Japan). iOS 11 updated iPhone 7 Japanese models display MIC certification on the screen in addition to the back case.