Apple Music Japanese Radio Stations

Dear Naoko,

Congratulations on the new gig on Apple Music radio! Just love you on the Kayokyoku station. Honestly I was so tired of that Avex crap on J-Pop I had given up.

And what was that Korean TV Dramas channel coming first thing all about? I thought Japan was the second most profitable music market after the USA. It was Dentsu marketing bucks, wasn’t it? Well, I guess Jimmy and Dre changed their tune after Dentsu dumped them for Spotify Japan. Serves ’em right.

Hey I’m really really sorry about the iCloud Music Library kanji sorting not working. I told Jimmy and Dre about it like a thousand times but they never listen. Maybe they don’t have any Japanese working in Apple Music engineering, either that or the Japanese there are not really…well you know what I mean.

Don’t feel bad though, a lot of your fellow Japanese artists are in the “#” section too, Seiko-chan, Rumiko, Saori Yuki to name a few. I don’t think Jimmy and Dre are jilting you, so don’t take it personally. I guess that means Japan won’t get that Siri DJ thing. If Apple Music can’t sort your name how will DJ Siri ever find you?

Tell you what, next rainy day let’s go to the cinema. Just you and me, we can have a good cry. It won’t change anything but we’ll feel better. Until then!

Love and Kisses,
Your Biggest Fan