All the Proof You Need that Your iPhone 8 Really Can Use Suica

There are lots of people who have trouble believing that a locally purchased iPhone 8 really is global FeliCa compatible and can use Suica. But there is no MIC certification mark, the model numbers and LTE bands are different in Japan, and so on. Relax and go to Apple’s Set up Apple Pay in your country. What does it say in the first section?

In Japan, you can also add Suica cards to Apple Pay.

Follow that link to Set up a Suica card in Apple Pay. This page is also in your local country Apple site. Read the bullet points:

  • An iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus purchased in Japan (model A1779 and A1785)
  • An iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus
  • The latest version of iOS
  • Device region set to Japan
  • A plastic Suica, My Suica, or Commuter Suica Card

Have fun using Suica when you visit Japan.