Apple Pay Suica and Green Seats

Green Seat and Suica Apple Pay

I never use Green seats on regular JR trains but know lots of people who do. The Appllio site posted a nifty Japanese guide for using Apple Pay Suica and Suica App with regular JR train Green seats.

I learned something new. Purchasing Green seats with Suica App always gets you the cheaper pre-boarding Green seat pricing. You have a cheaper last-minute Green seat choice after getting on a train. Nice.

The Appllio post has a complete start to finish photo explanation showing you all the steps of using Apple Pay Suica and Suica App with Green seats. It’s the only complete guide devoted to Apple Pay Suica Green seating out there. There is also a simple Green Seat purchase English guide here.

 Green Seats Pre-board Pre-board Post-board Post-board
Weekday Holiday Weekday Holiday
Up to 50km 770円 570円 1030円 830円
From 51km 980円 780円 1240円 1040円