All the Proof You Need that Apple Pay Suica Works Nationwide

Reading discussion forms such as Reddit is an eye-opener. There are lots of misconceptions about Suica coverage out there even among foreigners living in Japan.

It is true that JR East Suica English language support is limited compared to the Japanese site but both are very clear: Apple Pay Suica works with all major transit IC systems: PASMO, TOICA, ICOCA SUGOCA, manica, nimoca, Hayaken, PiTaPa, Kitaca.

And you can use Apple Pay Suica with SmartEX to travel on the JR West and JR Central Shinkansen; Apple Pay Suica with Suica App works for JR East Shinkansen travel too.

Your Apple Pay Suica is good for nationwide travel and store purchases. Just look for the Transit IC logos at the cash register.

Have fun with your Apple Pay Suica.