Apple Pay Suica and PASMO PDF Receipts

Apple Pay Suica and PASMO are very convenient but what if you need a paper trail ? You have store purchase paper receipts of course but no paper record for recharges or commute plan renewals or purchases in Apple Pay Wallet or in Suica/PASMO App that you might need for company travel expense reports. There are three options, each offering slightly different transaction detail configurations. The below screenshots show Apple Pay Suica but also apply to Apple Pay PASMO.

Option #1 Wallet App
Wallet keeps a simple list of the recent Suica • PASMO transactions, things added to or deduced from the balance and ‘No Charge’ NFC card reads. The only way to print this is to take a screen shot, but this might not be enough for your needs. There is also the problem that the Suica or PASMO card transaction record is wiped when the card is removed from Wallet or transferred to another device (Apple Watch, new iPhone, etc.). The transaction record is not really lost: it still lives on in Mobile Suica but is wiped from the local device. Despite the limitations Wallet App is the only place to get Suica or PASMO transaction details in English or your iPhone set language. All other options that follow are Japanese language only.

Option #2 Suica App • PASMO App
Accessing transaction records beyond Wallet requires a Suica App • PASMO App and a Mobile Suica or Mobile PASMO account. Suica and PASMO App show the most recent 100 SF transactions (or up to 26 weeks whichever comes first) and the SF balance for each transaction. Access transaction history in the bottom menu or tapping SF in the Ticket Purchase/Management section.

Mobile Suica and Mobile PASMO cloud systems update the SF transaction list every 24 hours during nightly maintenance, so you will not see current day transactions shown in Wallet. The apps have the added benefit of keeping transaction records accessible even if the Suica or PASMO card is removed from Wallet and re-added, or transferred to another device. If a screenshot is not sufficient you can download a PDF version of this screen in Option #3.

Option #3 Mobile Suica • Mobile PASMO web
If options #1 and #2 do not cover your needs there is a 3rd option. Mobile Suica and Mobile PASMO web sites offer:

1) SF Transaction History, a printable version of Option #2. Use the search function to set the time period or select transaction items, then download the PDF.

2) Receipts, 12 month history of recharges, commuter plan purchases or renewals, and (Suica only) Green Seat upgrade purchases. Use the search and filter function to find items for PDF receipts for download and print.

To access these go to the Mobile Suica site or the Mobile PASMO site and log in with your Mobile Suica or Mobile PASMO account ID and password. On the Mobile Suica login be sure to login in the モバイルSuica section and not the My JR-East section.

Mobile Suica web has login windows for Mobile Suica ID and My JR-East ID

Once you are in you will see the main menu as shown in the screen shot below. The explanation that follows uses Suica to explain the steps but also applies to PASMO.

The SF transaction history button is exactly the same as the one in Suica App and only covers SF transactions, not commuter pass renewals and Green Seat upgrades. The print out is a PDF file.

The Receipts button is for printing specific item receipts. Set search dates or use the pop-up filter menu to find the items you want receipts for: commuter pass, Suica Green seat tickets, SF Recharge. The benefit of Mobile Suica web is that it archives the Suica Recharge and ticket purchase history of your Mobile Suica account with separate transaction histories of multiple Suica cards.

Mobile Suica Menu page, tap or click Suica Receipts

The SF Transactions History is simple and straight ahead, select he time period or individual transactions for a customized list view to download.

The Receipts menu has the most recent 12 months of recharges, commuter plan purchases or renewals, etc., that you can search, select, and download individual PDF receipts.

Receipt Filter
The pop-up filter selection: Suica Recharge, Suica Commuter Plan, Green Seat, Shinkansen e-tickets. Suica and PASMO e-Money store purchases are not included but you already have a paper trail with regular store receipts.
MS search
After selecting search criteria click the search button

After you have the receipt item you want to print, click the print button on the left hand side of the receipt item, show in red below. The receipt will print the registered name of your Mobile Suica account. If you want to use a different name, enter one in the name fields above the search criteria area. When entering a name you must use either kanji, hiragana, katakana or full width roman characters.

Click the print button of the receipt you want to print.

The receipt is a PDF file that can be printed or saved for later. It contains your name, date, amount, purchase type and your Suica card number.

The receipt will have your name, date, amount, purchase type and Suica card number

Mobile Suica and Mobile PASMO keep your card transaction records safe and secure. The only way to truly delete an Apple Pay Suica or PASMO card, along with the transaction records from the system forever is to apply for a Suica•PASMO Refund.