Apple Pay Suica and EX-PRESS Interoperability Starts October 23


More transit pieces are coming together for Apple Pay Suica users on October 23. On this date JR Central EX-PRESS members can use Apple Pay Suica with the EX-PRESS IC card for boarding the JR Central/JR West Shinkansen trains when transferring to or from other lines.

On the same date JR East will update Suica App adding EX-PRESS e-ticket purchase options and EX-PRESS Registration options to the menu. This update finally brings feature parity to Suica App matching Android and Feature Phone Mobile Suica functionality.

EX-PRESS is the sister service of the recently launched SmartEX. EX-PRESS is a membership feature option for JR Central credit card holders than includes a EX-PRESS IC card for Tokaido and Sanyo Shinkansen. It is aimed at frequent travelers and offers ticket discounts.

The video below shows the current EX-IC card + Suica card Shinkansen boarding process when transferring from another line. Starting October 23 you can use Apple Pay Suica.