Apple Pay Suica Troubleshooting #2: C102 Errors


C102 Error
When adding Suica to Apple Pay, or moving a Suica from iPhone Wallet to Apple Watch Wallet, it does not appear to load completely and hangs during the “adding/activating” process. This can happen when iPhone has a poor network connection. Suica App or SuicaEng App may show a “C102” error.

First of all make sure iPhone has a robust network connection. If Suica does not completely load in 10~15 minutes, remove Suica from Wallet and add it again.

  1. Make sure your iPhone has a good network connection
  2. Make sure you are not adding Suica during the Mobile Suica maintenance window: 2am~5am local Tokyo time
  3. Make sure you are logged into Apple ID and the iPhone Region is set to Japan
  4. In Wallet remove the Suica that is not loading
  5. Tap the plus sign.
  6. Tap Continue, then tap Suica.
  7. The Suica card you deleted should be showing with the balance.
  8. Add the Suica to Wallet

The steps are exactly the same as Suica migration to a new iPhone, all on the same iPhone.

If the Suica card deletes from Wallet but appears hung as “Deleting” in the iCloud device list, sign out of Apple ID on your iPhone, restart the device, then login with the same Apple ID.

C110 Error
When an Apple Pay Suica card stops working and displays a C110 error in Wallet try restarting iPhone/Apple Watch. If this does not clear the C110 error, remove the Suica card from Wallet then re-add it as explained above.