The iPhone X Apple Pay Winner is Suica

Japanese IT Journalist Tsutsumu Ishikawa, one of the few to receive early iPhone X review unit a week ago, field tests Apple Pay and declares Suica is THE Apple Pay card for iPhone X. After one day with iPhone X, I agree: the double-click side button gesture to activate Apple Pay takes getting used to.

Express Transit Suica doesn’t need Touch ID or Face ID.  It was already my favorite Apple Pay feature in iPhone 7, more so than ever on iPhone X. Many Japanese and inbound Apple Pay Suica users are sure to agree.

One thing I notice with iPhone X is that tapping Suica notifications brings up a Recharge option. I didn’t notice this in iPhone 7 but have not confirmed if it is a iOS 11 feature I missed or a iPhone 8/iPhone X feature.

It’s very handy. One tap and you are in the Suica Recharge screen. Face ID activation and payment is the side button double-click.