The Google Maps Apple Maps News Cycle and All That

By now the Apple Maps news cycle follows a regular pattern:

  • Justin O’Beirne posts a new analysis that tech writers swoon over.
  • A big USA writer/analyst like Neil Cybart says, “I don’t use Google Maps, Apple Maps works just fine for me.”
  • Last but not least overseas commentators answer, “that might be true in the USA but Apple Maps suck here in XXX.

And so it goes but nothing is changing. Apple may indeed be working on a next generation map solution, or it may be pie in the sky. An intelligent AR approach for indoor mapping for example certainly makes much better sense than anything Google Maps or Apple Maps offer at present.

Anything is possible with the right kind of Steve Jobs like super focus. Unfortunately Apple Maps to date has been the poster child of unfocused product development.

Apple has to overcome the focus jinx for Apple Maps to change and advance beyond being the ‘me 2/me 3’ product it is now.