The Incredible Shrinking FeliCa Contactless Logo

New POS systems are appearing in 7 Eleven stores with much bigger touch screens and NFC readers that add the EMV NFC logo while shrinking the FeliCa NFC mark down to a ridiculously small size.

New Panasonic JT-R600CR terminals at McDonald’s and MOS Burger are not much different and also shrink the FeliCa NFC logo until it almost disappears.

Big EMV – NFC Pay logos are mostly wishful thinking at this point rather than wide based FMV contactless support. There just isn’t that much, ahem, financial incentive on the merchant side to make it happen.

Of course the EMV consortium could always help things by adding NFC-F support to their NFC spec now that it is a requirement for global smartphone NFC certification. Wouldn’t it be nice to have one big EMV NFC logo that incorporates NFC A-B-F?

Mastercard the M of EMV would probably be willing as would JCB, but Visa the V would probably not. As always these things have nothing to do with technology and everything to do with politics, market share and money.