iOS 11.2.5 Official Release Due This Week (U)

Update: Apple released the iOS 11.2.5 Update today, I recommend it for all Apple Pay Suica users.

iOS 11.2.5 reached the end of the beta cycle with the beta 7 golden master system number 11.2.5 (15D60), The official release should come the week of January 21 (one week later than predicted)

Beta testing was a very good experience with improved Apple Pay Suica performance on iPhone X that eliminates transit gate error flicker and Suica mis-reads at store readers. 11.2.5 also fixes the Suica Notification bug introduced in iOS 11.2 as well as the recently discovered iMessage chaiOS “Text Bomb”.

If you use Apple Pay Suica on iPhone X  I strongly recommend updating to iOS 11.2.5 with the official release.