iOS 11.2.5 and Apple Pay Suica Error Flicker (U)

The iOS 11.2.5 update has improved iPhone X Apple Pay Suica performance for myself and others but some readers are still seeing full errors similar to what is shown in the video above, or more commonly ‘error flicker’ where the gate flashes a momentary error but immediately clears.

Based on limited feedback I suspect this is affecting iPhone X users with Apple Pay Suica Commuter passes. The commuter pass start point or the end point gate flashes an error and the issue seems limited to JR East gates. Non-JR East gates on an Apple Pay Suica Commuter pass are not flashing errors.

I spent a day getting on and off every station on my commuter run and after many cups of Beck’s Coffee along the way, managed to capture a sysdiagnose file of the error flicker gate issue. I reported it on Apple Bug Reporter #36424202. They are investigating. I am opening up comments in case readers would like to share any Apple Pay Suica issues they are experiencing with iOS 11.2.5(日本語も英語もオーケイ!)

If you comment please include device (iPhone X, iPhone, etc.), Suica type (commuter or regular) and station name (Asagaya, Shimbashi, etc) where gate errors are occurring.

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