iOS 11.2.5 Apple Pay Suica Error Flicker in Action (U)

More Japanese readers are posting their Apple Pay Suica experiences with iOS 11.2.5. A consensus is coming into focus. Apple Pay Suica performance has improved and the Suica notification bug is fixed. Unfortunately Apple Pay Suica error flicker, and the occasional full error is a remaining problem for many on iPhone X and is not fixed from iOS 11.2.2. Readers also report the issue is not fixed in iOS 11.3 beta 1.

One reader managed to capture a video of error flicker which is hard to do. Listen carefully and you can hear the unique error flicker double beep: first the error, then the all clear. The video misses capturing the red error flash changing to ‘all clear proceed’ blue. The interesting and unique aspect of error flicker is that the transit gates do not close and the louder full error gong sound is absent. Just the normal soft transit beep, twice.

My own experience matches what other readers are reporting. On average 1 in 6 gate transits display error flicker. I have not experienced the issue on non-JR East gates but others are seeing it. That’s good in a way because we can eliminate JR East transit gates as the problem and lob the bug ball back to Apple Park.

Update: readers report error flicker with regular Apple Pay Suica not just commuter Suica. This is also good in a way because we can also eliminate “this might be a JR East side system glitch’ and definitely say this is an Apple Pay Suica performance issue that Apple needs to fix. Reassurance never comes easy when tracking software bugs.

One interesting point is that Apple Pay Suica performance was great in iOS 11.2.5 beta 1~2 with no error flicker. Battery drain was faster however, I wonder if error flicker is somehow related to battery optimization in the official release.