Die FeliCa Die!

There are two kinds of gaijin who live in Japan. Those who hate Japan but love Japanese money, and those who love Japan and love Japanese money. But all of us love to complain.

Gaijin rants that link to Ata Distance are fascinating and fun to read but tend to fall into two kinds of opinions:

  1. Japanese technology sucks because they do not follow “world standards”
  2. The Japanese iPhone camera shutter sound sucks

I guess that Japan being the first country with mobile contactless payments, or that NFC Forum certification for NFC mobile devices requires NFC Type A/B and Type F support, or that all new iPhone and Galaxy devices have this, with Huawei and Oppo to join later doesn’t mean anything.

Time for Tim Cook to put FeliCa in the grave and let the world live with slow less secure MIFARE and even slower EMV transaction speeds. Have fun getting out of those clogged congested and dangerous station gates!

As for the shutter sound, Japanese users take this in stride because they use camera apps that don’t make a shutter sound, or they use Live Photo.

Regarding the disappearing Apple Pay Suica card, the JR East support page has a fix for that:

  1. Sign into iCloud with the same Apple ID and re-add Suica in Wallet
  2. If that does not work, go to the Mobile Suica web site, sign in with your Mobile Suica ID and re-issue your Suica