iOS 11.2.6 Update (U)

Apple released the iOS 11.2.6 Update to fix the CoreText bug crashing Messages and Springboard. The build is up to 15D100 from the previous 15D60. There is no indication of any fix for the Apple Pay Suica error flicker issue but iOS 11.2.5 fixed the Apple Pay Suica notifications bug without any mention from Apple.

I will be running tests along with other readers and post results here. Apple Pay Suica testing can only be done ‘in the field’ and may take awhile.

Update 1: Early reader reports are that iOS 11.2.6 does not fix Apple Pay Suica error flicker. I have not confirmed this on my iPhone X and will continue testing.

Update 2: I am experiencing error flicker on iPhone X / iOS 11.2.6 but still testing to determine if there is less of it. Or not.

Update 3: Not, results are in