The Apple Pay Ides of March

Suica Maintenance

Wikipedia says: “On the earliest calendar, the Ides of March would have been the first full moon of the new year.” It’s a full moon in Tokyo today, it’s March, close enough.

Mobile Suica system maintenance is a regular nightly 2 am ~ 4 am occurrence but JR East sometimes announces special maintenance for certain Suica services, or on rare occasions Apple Pay. Today was one of those rare Apple Pay maintenance downtimes.

And suddenly JR East gates that always error flicker as my iPhone X passes through are behaving themselves. Did JR East push a system update to all of their transit gates fine tuned just for iPhone X Apple Pay Suica? Did Apple help them? Oh to be a fly on the wall at the Suica system operations center.

It’s probably just my overactive imagination and wishful thinking. Tomorrow will be another commute day full of error flicker. How nice it would be to be wrong.

Update: I was right, Suica Express Transit error flicker returned with a vengeance.