Apple Pay Suica Error Flicker Fix (U)


If you are experiencing Apple Pay Suica error flicker with iPhone X / iOS 11.2.6 at JR transit gates as shown in the video above, try the following:

1) Turn off Suica Express Transit Card in Wallet
2) Restart iPhone
3) Turn on Suica Express Transit Card in Wallet and authenticate with Face ID

You can also try switching between different Suica Express Transit Cards, but toggling it off/on seems to work best.

This is not a fix, it’s a temporary workaround that might help some cases. It might degrade over time or disappear with the next update. No read yet if this improves overall iPhone X Apple Pay Suica performance which is sluggish compared to iPhone 7 / 8 and Apple Watch 3. Time will tell.

Field tests are still ongoing with some readers testing on iOS 11.3 beta 3. I will post further developments here.

May the iOS software gods be with you.

Update: As usual I spoke too soon for which I apologize. After 3 days of error free transit Apple Pay Suica Express Transit error flicker with my iPhone X returned with a vengeance. The workaround does not fix the iPhone X Express Transit error problem. iPhone X Apple Pay Suica Express Transit performance still sucks, Apple needs to fix it.