Apple Pay Suica Spring Campaign 2018

Apple Pay Suica Spring 2018Apple Pay Suica Error Flicker Oneesan

JR East kicked off their Apple Pay Suica 2018 spring campaign today, running March 19 to April 30. It’s an exact repeat of the 2017 spring campaign:

¥1,000 Cash-back when you renew an existing commuter plan or purchase a new Suica commuter plan.¥1,000 Cash-back when you purchase ¥5,000 worth of goods with a new Apple Pay Suica card, ¥2,000 Cash-back for clearing both.

That sounds easy. The tricky part is that you have to use the Suica App and have a Mobile Suica account to purchase a new Suica commuter plan or receive the ¥2,000 cash-back refund. JR East has a nice Japanese language page to walk you through the Mobile Suica account setup. My English Suica App guide is here.The basic process is simply registering your Apple Pay Suica number in the JR East campaign page. When you clear the campaign goals you receive the cash-back refund in the Suica App Suica Pocket menu. Use Suica Pocket to add the refund to your Apple Pay Suica card balance.fullsizeoutput_89e2.jpeg