Apple Pay Suica Recharge System Alert (U)

JR East Issued an alert today March 10 at 8 am that Apple Pay Suica Recharge is down or very slow in Wallet and Suica App. JR East is working on the problem but there are no other updates with the latest time stamp at 9:24 am. If Suica recharge does not work the first time try again, it make take time. Apple Pay purchases in Suica App are also affected so it sounds like the problem is on the Mobile Suica side and not Apple Pay or iCloud. but native Suica App credit card ticket purchases/recharge and Android Mobile Suica users are not affected. This looks like a problem on the Apple Pay/iCloud side but the iCloud status page does not show any issue so far.

In the meantime you can always Recharge Suica with cash both at convenience stores and Recharge machines at JR stations. I will update this post with any developments.

Update 16:30: JR East says the Apple Pay issue has been fixed and full service restored at 14:00. The iCloud Status JP page has also been updated and shows an Apple Pay problem affecting “some Suica users” who may not be able to add Suica cards to Apple Pay or Recharge. It was an Apple Pay issue all along. iCloud Status lists the issue as ongoing. Apple iCloud Status updates are very slow so be sure to check.

If you still have problems with Apple Pay Suica Recharge, open Suica App and check if there is a red exclamation mark on the Suica card. Tap it to clear the error and your Apple Pay Suica card is fixed and ready to go.