Apple Pay Transit Beta Forever

iOS 11.3 Apple Pay added support for Beijing and Shanghai China T-Union transit cards and iOS 11.4 will continue the ‘Express Transit Beta’ rollout with China T-Union IC transit card support for Jiangsu, Shenzhen, Wuhan and Chongqing.

Unfortunately a reader reports that Apple Pay Transit users in Beijing and Shanghai are encountering the same kinds of NFC gate error problems that iPhone X Apple Pay Suica users have experienced since November.

Another reader mentioned that the Apple engineer who got fired when his daughter uploaded a iPhone X video on YouTube last year was the iPhone X NFC lead. A Japanese reader also reports that his iPhone X Suica problem is worse since upgrading to iOS 11.3 and matches my own iOS 11.3 iPhone X Suica experience. Suica transit gate errors are more frequent than iOS 11.2.5 ~ 11.2.6.

Apple is currently advertising for 19 NFC related engineer positions including a field test engineer for Japan. I think the iPhone X Apple Pay Suica problem and the Apple Pay China Transit beta problem will be us for a while longer. Both are clearly “beta” problems but beta should never be an excuse for delivering inferior products and services.

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