Apple Pay Suica Super Smart Points

The BIC CAMERA JCB View Card is the best credit card for Apple Pay Suica. It you live and work in Tokyo and commute on any JR East line, here is the smart setup for getting maximum points you can exchange for free Apple Pay Suica recharging and purchasing goods at BIC CAMERA.


  • Add a Suica Commuter Pass or regular Suica card to Apple Pay
  • Get a BIC CAMERA Point Card at the nearest BIC CAMERA if you do not already have one
  • Apply for a Bic Camera JCB View Card either online or at a BIC CAMERA Store and register your point card number on the application
  • Download the BIC CAMERA App, create an online account and register your BIC CAMERA Point Card number in the App
  • Add the BIC CAMERA JCB View Card to Apple Pay Wallet
  • Create a Mobile Suica account in Suica App if you don’t have one
  • Create an online View’s Net account for your BIC CAMERA View card

Earning Points

  • Always use your BIC CAMERA JCB View card for Suica Recharge and Suica Commuter Pass renewal
  • Use Apple Pay Suica for store purchases as much as possible
  • When shopping at BIC CAMERA or Kojima Denki stores use the BIC CAMERA App bar code to earn points when paying with cash or Apple Pay Suica. Using the BIC CAMERA View plastic card automatically earns points.
Bic Camera JCB View Card and Apple Pay Suica

As the graphic shows BIC CAMERA JCB Card earns you two kinds of points: BIC points and View Points. Point earnings are as follows.

  • Shopping at BIC CAMERA: ¥1,000 earns 100 BIC Points (1 point = ¥1)
  •  Regular Shopping: ¥1,000 earns 5 BIC Points (¥5 Yen) and 2 View Points (1 point = ¥2.5)
  • Apple Pay Suica Recharge/Commuter Pass Renewal: ¥1,000 earns 6 View Points (¥15)


  • Use BIC Points at BIC CAMERA with the iPhone App. Show the bar code at purchase time and the clerk will scan it. I never pay for iPhone cases and Apple accessories, I always use points.

Use VIEW Points
View Points can be used 2 ways: exchange points for goods or coupons via the View Online Store, or exchange points to recharge Apple Pay Suica.

Apply for a free Suica Recharge
To recharge Apple Pay Suica with View Points log into View Net and follow the screen shots and captions below:

When completed View’s Net sends you a confirmation email. It takes 3 business days for the View Point exchange to be processed and you will receive a ‘process completed’ email from Mobile Suica.

Receive your free Suica Recharge
Go to Suica App and follow the screen shots below to receive your free Suica Recharge.

Receive free Suica Recharge 5
Apple Pay Notification of your Suica Recharge

It may look complicated but once the setup is complete you have a great system to put your e-money to good use. If your company reimburses transportation expenses, and what Japanese company doesn’t, you are leaving  money on the table. Take time to make that money work for you. You’ll be glad you did.