Exchanging iPhone X: Week 2 “Show Us Your iPhone”

AppleCare support called me exactly as promised. Apple engineering had looked into everything including how I was holding my iPhone with no conclusion. I seriously doubt there was much investigating as there was so little real information I could convey by phone.

“Apple wants to examine your iPhone X.,” she told me. There were 2 options, I could send it to Apple or take it for an examination at the nearest Genius Bar. I chose the Apple Omotesando Genius Bar and she set up the appointment.

She also said, “Be sure to backup your iPhone before coming and have your Apple ID and  password ready.” It sounds like the Genius Bar will take a look, ask me to explain the iPhone X Suica problem, again, then offer an iPhone X exchange. Probably.

Next Wednesday I’ll find out for sure.

UPDATE: Forgot to mention that I showed my iPhone X Suica Problem video to a JR East station attendant. He said,

It looks like a read error. Some customer iPhone models are less reliable than others you know.

He did not indicate the models but I’m looking at you iPhone X.