Transit Gate Error Mapping for iPhone X

I though it might be a fun experiment to “map” error prone transit gates for iPhone X Apple Pay Suica users. My first idea was this:

Asagaya Gate Map
iPhone X Apple Pay Suica users avoid Asagaya station gate #4

Too much work. All that’s necessary is a list of iPhone X Apple Pay Suica error prone gates like this:

Asagaya JR Station / East Gate / Gate# 4
Ikebukuro JR Station / Chuo Gate / Gate# 1, 11
Koenji JR Station / Gate# 1, 8

For reference JR East transit gates are numbered at the bottom like this:Asagaya JR Station West Exit Gate 1

If you are a iPhone X Suica user and regularly experience transit gate errors, please send station/exit/gate # information to my Twitter address @Kanjo

I’ll compile and update new information to this post. This experiment may be a failure but who knows, some Apple NFC engineer might find the information useful.

Yeah, right.

iPhone X Apple Pay Suica一瞬エラー情報を募集しています。よく引っ掛る駅名・改札口・改札機械番号をツイッター@Kanjoまでお願いします。ここでリストアップします。