How to Use Suica with Apple Pay when Traveling to Japan

How to use Suica with Apple Pay

I love reading inbound Apple Pay Suica user experiences, there are always new insights and observations to learn about. Mason Simon has posted a helpful Apple Pay Suica guide, far simpler and easier than my overgrown one.

His problem with a USA iTunes Store account/Apple Music subscription gumming up his attempt to add plastic Suica sounds like an edge case, and one that I have never heard of before, but the Apple ID/iCloud/credit card account region setting thing has given me problems with iMessage.

Mason says,

You can also designate one of your virtual Suica’s to be your “express” card. You must do this…Not “must” like it’s necessary. “Must”, like, you have no idea how amazing this is.

It is amazing. Once you get used to Apple Pay Suica it spoils you forever. Using Apple Pay outside of Japan just isn’t as fast or fun.