Thoughts on Google Pay Suica

Investor-writer Ichiro Yamamoto shares his Thoughts on Google Pay Suica on Yahoo Japan. If you ever need proof that Keio University Business School grads can be idiots look no further. Instead of getting his facts straight, Yamamoto san feels Google’s pain and blames the Google Pay Suica debacle not on Google, but on the FeliCa / Osaifu-Keitai standard because it is “Japanese” and not “Global”. Yes folks another ‘FeliCa must die because it’s proprietary’ rant. How 1990s can you get? I guess Yamamoto san is invested in Alphabet.

Yamamoto san then goes completely off the rail saying that Japanese iPhone Apple Pay cannot be used abroad and that QR Codes are shaping up to be the future of a cashless economy.

Ichiro Yamamoto Yahoo Japan
Yamamoto san says Apple Pay Japan can only be used by ‘Japanese iPhones’.

What a load of crap. I guess Yamamoto san never heard the news about Global FeliCa iPhone 8, iPhone X and Apple Watch 3. I guess he never heard of NFC Switching or used a Japanese iPhone X Apple Pay d CARD to buy things in America. Yes Yamamoto san, it does work:

A lot of “experts” make the mistake of mixing up the open global NFC hardware standard (NFC A and NFC-F are required) with the proprietary software stacks that run digital wallets: EMV, FeliCa, MIFARE, etc. Smartphone manufacturers will always have to license  software stacks and keys to make digital wallets work. There is no free ride.

What it comes down to is that Apple can create and sell a smartphone that is truly ‘Global’ and Apple Pay just works everywhere because Apple owns the software and hardware.

Android smartphone makers have yet to take up the challenge to make a global Android phone and actually sell it globally. Google isn’t going to help them.