Macintosh Dog Days

It’s going to be a long dry summer. Maybe it’s the lack of any new hardware but one week after WWDC18 wrapped up the Apple tech blogger crowd are already bored. Witness: as of June 14, 2018 it is 182 days since iMac Pro was last updated. Only 182 days since it was reported that Apple finally broke the hardware update jinx and here we are again. The rest of the Mac dog day lineup is here.

I have another measurement suggestion: 10,950 days. How many Mac hardware hand wringers are over that mark and how many under? It would be fun to know, I suspect the majority are over. My MacBook Pro 13″ 2016 model isn’t even close to feeling like a cool step up the hardware ladder that my MacBook Air 13″ 2011 was but it doesn’t matter much.

I use my iPad Pro 10.5″ more and more. A recent screen drop incident left me without it for a week and I realized it had become my go-to device. Going back to the laptop for everything was not fun. I’m glad it’s there but 3 years from now I think Mac hardware will matter less than ever for ever more people.

This may not be a popular opinion but until Apple dumps the Intel architecture I don’t see the Macintosh platform moving forward much.