Testing the Revision B iPhone X Theory

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After posting my Revision B iPhone X theory a reader suggested looking at manufacturing date information that could help test the theory. My failed iPhone X exchange replacement unit was manufactured in production week 3 (January) of 2018. yuya-310 who has the golden problem free iPhone X told me his was manufactured in production week 15 (April) 2018. His iPhone X is still trouble free and works great.

So we have an initial benchmark to work with: iPhone X production week 15 (April)  2018. If the Revision B iPhone X theory is correct, iPhone X units produced on or after this benchmark production week should be free of the iPhone X Suica problem.

If iPhone X Suica is your daily transit device I would greatly appreciate reader feedback on the following:

  • production week
  • factory code
  • Suica problem unit/problem free unit

You can find the iPhone X manufacture date and factory by pasting your serial number here. Please send results via Twitter @Kanjo or email.
日本人のiPhone X Suicaユザーさまよろしくお願いします!

This could be a fun little research project.

Reader Feedback iPhone X Production Tally

iPhone X Production Tally 2018-10-6
Reader Feedback iPhone X Production Tally (as of 2018-10-6) : A simple tally of good/bad iPhone X devices and manufacture dates reported by readers to track production switchover from problem iPhone X devices to Revision B iPhone X devices. The tally includes JP and international iPhone X models

**Week 15 of 2018 appears to be the Revision B iPhone X switchover production period