Huawei Joins the FeliCa Android Party but Only in Japan

HUAWEI P20 Pro FeliCa only works on the Docomo carrier locked versionDespite the Google Pay Japan flop, Huawei made good on its promise to deliver a FeliCa capable Android smartphone for the Japanese market in 2018. The HUAWEI P20 delivers it via a Docomo carrier locked UIM card arrangement that activates FeliCa.

Google Pay Suica will be the same mess on HUAWEI that it is on all other Android smartphones, and of course there is no joining the FeliCa party for inbound visitors. After all Android has yet to come up with an answer to the Global FeliCa iPhone.

I’m unsure how well any HUAWEI FeliCa device will be received by Japanese customers in light of the weird remarks that HUAWEI’s Jeff Wang made last February. We live in the age of supply chain risk so make your device choices carefully.