Solving the iPhone X Suica Problem: Take the Replacement Challenge

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As of this writing iPhone X has been on sale more than 7 months with no resolution of the iPhone X Suica problem. If your iPhone X has the Suica problem and you do not have AppleCare+, time is running out. Contact Apple Support and ask for a replacement iPhone X.

After 7 months of dealing with the iPhone X Suica problem I can unequivocally say this: users who have exchanged iPhone X Suica problem devices and received good iPhone X units do not have the Suica problem and enjoy robust NFC performance. Evidence is slowly mounting that iPhone X units manufactured from April 2018 do not have the Suica problem.

For lack of a better word I call these units Revision B iPhone X. Revision B iPhone X NFC performance is robust and matches iPhone 8. iPhone X units manufactured before April 2018 have the Suica problem and poor NFC performance that cannot be fixed with software updates because it is a hardware problem. Check your iPhone X manufacture date by copying/pasting the serial number here.

The iPhone X Replacement Challenge
One sharp reader calls the iPhone X exchange ‘taking the replacement challenge’. Be firm with Apple Support, insist that you have the iPhone X Suica problem and want a replacement device. Apple Support will deny the Suica problem exists but keep insisting for an exchange.

Before getting an exchange Apple Support will take you through the usual support laundry list items: delete/re-add Suica, Apple ID logout/login, iPhone X wipe/restore. Be patient. Explain that you have tried all of these but they did not solve the iPhone X Suica problem. Apple Support will also explain that there is no guarantee exchanging iPhone X will solve the problem. Again be patient, confirm that you understand this but want an exchange iPhone X unit.

If all goes well Apple Support will setup a Genius Bar appointment to exchange your iPhone X. At the Genius Bar the Apple Genius will test your iPhone X NFC hardware and tell you the hardware test shows no problem. Keep saying that you want to exchange your iPhone X anyway.

Before exchanging your iPhone X tell the Genius that you want to check the serial number of the exchange unit. Enter that serial number here to confirm the exchange unit was manufactured after April 2018. If so all should be good.

I will be taking a 2nd Replacement Challenge when I get back to Tokyo later this summer because my 1st iPhone X exchange unit was manufactured January 2018 and has the Suica problem.

Sticky Points
Apple seems to be good at keeping recently manufactured replacement stock on hand, but what if the exchange unit that Apple offers you was manufactured before April 2018 or is a refurbished unit?  Insist that you want a iPhone X unit manufactured after April 2018. This may or may not go down well with the Apple Genius but Apple is obligated to provide you with a good iPhone X unit that works while your device is under warranty.

Unfortunately Apple has not acknowledged the iPhone X Suica problem, until they do the iPhone X Replacement Challenge is the only way to fix it. You should obtain a ‘Revision B’ iPhone X unit that fixes the Suica problem. You deserve nothing less.