iOS 12 Does Not Fix The iPhone X NFC Problem

Just in case you were hoping for a software fix: iOS 12 does not fix the iPhone X Suica problem and never will. A reader report from Tokyo says it all.

latest public beta (iOS 12 pb3) at least brought the performance on par with iOS 11. I had 5-tone error and immediate OK beep once-twice per two days and that’s it.

Funny thing is, I have been in a few instance where a person in front / behind me had 5-tone error and OK with their X, and I got the same, we looked at each other and gave “oh you have that error too” look.

I saw your exchange guide, a bit too much of a hassle for now, but I might try it before AC+ ends in 2 years.

On par with iOS 11 eh? This is just another confirmation that the iPhone X Suica problem is a hardware issue that affects all iPhone X production for all models manufactured before April 2018. Apple needs to make it easier for users to exchange bad iPhone X units for revision B iPhone X units instead of making them jump through hoops.

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