Revision B iPhone X Production Tally Update

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Some Japanese readers used Obon vacation time to exchange their iPhone X Suica problem units at the Apple Genius Bar and report that their iPhone X NFC problems are fixed now. I copied the updated iPhone X production tally from the iPhone X Suica Problem Exchange Guide.

As you can see below, the reader feedback iPhone X production tally suggests Apple made production changes in April 2018 that fixed iPhone X NFC hardware issues. I call these NFC error free units Revision B iPhone X. Readers report that Rev-B iPhone X NFC performance is substantially better and immediately noticeable.

To me the case is clear: all iPhone X production before April 2018 is suspect. If you have any iPhone X NFC performance issues get a Rev-B iPhone X with an exchange at the Genius Bar. As one reader points out Apple Support staff never heard of the of the iPhone X Suica problem but that is the script Apple Support staff have to stick to.

An engineering source said, “I suspect that there are also equally frustrated engineers within Apple who know what the problem is but are being controlled by the marketing spin machine.”

Reader Feedback iPhone X Production Tally

iPhone X Production Tally 2018-10-6
Reader Feedback iPhone X Production Tally (as of 2018-10-6) : A simple tally of good/bad iPhone X devices and manufacture dates reported by readers to track production switchover from problem iPhone X devices to Revision B iPhone X devices. The tally includes JP and international iPhone X models

**Week 15 2018 appears to be the Revision B iPhone X switchover production period