Suica App v2.2 Security Update…Again

This is an update of my previous post, copied below for reference. JR East is really going out of its way to make sure that everybody…EVERYBODY… updates to Suica App v2.2 to the point of sending out emails to people who have asked not to receive emails from JR East, pictured at bottom. They have never done this before. It sounds like some heavy-duty Mobile Suica cloud infrastructure reconfiguration will be taking place.

The only new information is that all previous versions of Suica App will not even boot or connect to Mobile Suica from September 5. JR East has already announced major unscheduled Mobile Suica maintenance downtime on that date 1am~4am JST with any remaining maintenance to be carried out September 12.

What’s the rush and the heavy breathing for? Wait a minute…do I smell a September 12 new iPhone announcement connection here? It’s sure fun to think so.

Previous post:

A security update for Suica App v2.2 has been released with a notice from JR East to update to the new version before August 28. From this date older versions of Suica App will no longer be able to log on and access the Mobile Suica network for Shinkansen e-ticket purchases, commuter plan purchases and other Suica app features.

The update is a security update with no new features. The JR East notice does not specify any details other than: “please update for better security”

JR East email notice:JR East Suica App Security Update Notice