iPhone X Reached 63 Million Units Driving Apple’s “Revenue Super Cycle”

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Counterpoint Research released an interesting report, iPhone X reached 63 Million units by the end of August creating 63 billion USD in revenue. If my Revision B iPhone X calculations are correct, 7 months of defective iPhone X production, this means approximately 40 million defective iPhone X units @ 45 billion USD revenue.

What’s eye-catching is that the USA, China and Japan are by far the top three selling markets for iPhone X and the combined unit sales of China and Japan together are greater than the USA. Since Apple limits defective iPhone X unit exchanges to China and Japan Apple Pay Tranist use cases the majority of iPhone X users with a defective device are completely shut out of getting an exchange for a Rev-B iPhone X.

You would think that Apple could spare a little of that 45 billion defective iPhone X revenue to take care of 40 million customers who, in good faith, bought a top of the line iPhone model and got a dud. Car manufacturers do recalls of defective products, why non Apple? Apple is ignoring users leaving them in the dark. Unfortunately that seems to be the reality of Apple values these days.