JRE POINT Beginners Guide

JRE POINT Beginners Guide Chart

JRE POINT is a modular point system that ties together various JR East cards and online services to a single point account to earn maximum JRE POINT. If you use Suica and ride JR East lines regularly, a JRE POINT account is highly recommended. There are 3 basic card types: (1) Suica, (2) VIEW CARD (JR East credit card with a JRE POINT number) and (3) plastic JRE POINT Card (a stand alone JRE POINT number for non-VIEW CARD users). There are 2 basic online services: Mobile Suica and Eki-Net.

You can create a JRE POINT account with any one of the 3 card types and add more later. This guide explains the easiest way of creating a JRE POINT account with your Apple Pay Suica card number.

Once setup is complete and linked to Eki-Net, earn JRE POINT from regular credit card use (VIEW), Suica transit on JR East lines, purchases at JRE POINT stores (station areas • malls), and Eki-Net online ticket purchases. Exchange points for free Suica recharges, Eki-Net tickets or seat upgrades, and purchases at JRE POINT stores. JRE POINT has a beginners guide in Japanese.

Getting Started

1) Cards

Apple Pay Suica
Earn JRE POINT with Apple Pay Suica purchases, recharge and transit use.

Highly recommended JR East branded credit card with ‘built-in’ JRE POINT (1) use VIEW for payments like any credit card and earn JRE POINT, (2) Use VIEW for Suica recharge or Auto-charge, renew commute plan renewal and earn JRE POINT.

A plastic card for earning JRE POINT with Suica, credit card and cash store purchases or using JRE POINT for store purchases. This is useful if you do not have a VIEW CARD. Get a plastic JRE POINT card at any JR station area store displaying the green JRE POINT logo. JRE POINT Card is free but requires filling out a simple form with name, address and email at the store. Give the store staff the completed form and they will set up the card for you.

2) Online services • Apps

App and website is where you manage your JRE POINT account and exchange JRE POINT for free Suica Recharge and Green Car Seat upgrades. JRE POINT App also has a barcode for earning and using JRE POINT instead of plastic cards.

Mobile Suica account • Suica App
Suica App is where you receive free Suica Recharges and Green Car Seat upgrades from JRE POINT. A free Mobile Suica account is required for JRE POINT registration, register in Suica App if you do not have one.

Eki-Net accountEki-Net App
Add your JRE POINT number to Eki-Net to link the services. Earn JRE POINT with JR East Eki-Net ticket purchases and use JRE POINT for ticket purchases and seat upgrades.

A Mobile Suica is required for registering Apple Pay Suica and creating a JRE POINT account. Create a Mobile Suica account first if you don’t already have one in Suica App and record the following to register when setting up the JRE POINT account later: Suica ID, registered last/first name, registered birth date. If you do not have a VIEW CARD I also recommend getting a plastic JRE POINT Card at any JR station area store displaying a green JRE POINT logo, not all JRE POINT stores have barcode readers but everybody takes plastic.

The next steps explain creating a JRE POINT account and registering your Apple Pay Suica. Have name, address information, phone number, etc., prepared in copy/paste format before stating. Last name, first name needs to be all caps in full roman width and katakana versions, the address in Japanese format.

Step 1: Create JRE POINT account and register Apple Pay Suica

  • Go to JRE POINT WEB tap Create New Account
  • Confirm and accept terms and conditions, tap Suica then tap Mobile Suica.
  • Enter Mobile Suica account information. Apple Pay Suica ID: get the Suica ID in Suica App by tapping the card. Copy the 17 character+number string that begins with JE.
  • Paste the Suica ID, check the confirmation box, enter Mobile Suica registered name and birth date
  • Enter your name for JRE POINT account (Full Roman) Japanese address, email address then tap continue [続ける]
  • You receive a confirmation code email from JRE POINT, copy and paste the confirmation code.
  • Create a password, a 6 PIN #2 Code that is required for viewing point history and updating account information. Confirm registered information and tap register.

Steps shown in the screenshots and captions below:

Step 2: Register JRE POINT Card and other cards in JRE POINT

  • JRE POINT Card number (optional): JRE POINT Cards are useful if you do not have a VIEW CARDD. Register the number and PIN printed on back of the plastic card, you can register multiple JRE POINT Cards, Japanese JRE POINT card instructions here.
  • Register multiple Mobile Suica or plastic Suica (optional): you can register up to 20 Suica, Japanese Suica instructions here.
  • VIEW CARD JRE POINT number (optional): copy your VIEW CARD 16 digit JRE POINT number on the card just above the card holder name. You can only register one VIEW CARD. Keep the VIEW JRE POINT number handy as you will need if adding more Mobile Suica cards to the JRE account. Japanese VIEW instructions here.

When all is set up and you are logged in, JRE POINT will display your current JRE POINT balance along with link numbers for Eki-Net and My Number cards. You can also confirm the cards you have registered in JRE POINT and POINT history in the Members’s page.


There are 3 basic ways to get JRE POINT: (1) shopping at JRE POINT stores, (2) using JR East transit and/or buying tickets using JR East Eki-Net, (3) using JR East branded VIEW credit cards (VIEW, VIEW JAL, VIEW JRE).

Green Logo JRE POINT (Instant)
Use JRE POINT Card or JRE POINT App barcode with Apple Pay Suica, VIEW card, other credit cards, or cash at green logo JRE POINT stores, you can also use a JRE POINT for purchases. Present the plastic JRE POINT Card, VIEW or barcode before purchase. Green logo JRE POINT points are added/deducted instantly. Green Logo JRE POINT Store list in Japanese.

Use the JRE POINT card JRE POINT app barcode or VIEW CARD to earn JRE POINT

Yellow Logo Suica JRE POINT (Next day)
Use Apple Pay Suica for purchase at stores, vending machine and self checkout terminals. Suica JRE POINT are added automatically to JRE POINT account, just wave iPhone to the reader. Yellow logo Suica JRE POINT from Apple Pay Suica are added within 24 hours. JRE POINT cannot be used as Yellow logo Suica locations for purchase.

Transit JRE POINT (Monthly/Bimonthly)
Use Apple Pay Suica for transit, commute plan purchase or renewal and Green Car Upgrade purchases, also earn extra JRE POINT for repeat transit points and off peak points. Transit JRE POINT are added automatically at the start of the month based on previous month Apple Pay Suica transit use. Repeat transit points are added every other month.

Do some research to find a card combination that makes your money work harder. For example: BIC CAMERA VIEW JCB Card + Apple Pay Suica + JRE POINT gets you JRE POINT and BIC CAMERA Points with purchases and Apple Pay Suica Recharge. BIC CAMERA points can be used to purchase items at BIC CAMERA. I always use BIC CAMERA points to pick up Apple brand iPhone cases and other related items and never buy them.

Use VIEW CARD for regular purchases at stores, online or paying bills and earn as follows:

VIEW CARD also earns points with Mobile Suica and Eki-Net purchases as follows:

VIEW JRE POINT are added at the end of the VIEW CARD billing month.


JRE POINT store purchases
JRE POINT can be used for purchase at any store displaying the Green JRE POINT logo. Simply use your JRE POINT Card (stand alone or VIEW CARD) or the show JRE POINT App barcode at checkout.

Suica Recharge
Exchanging JRE POINT fo ar free Suica Recharge is a 2 step process.

  • JRE POINT App: follow the screenshots and captions below. 1 JRE POINT converts to 1 yen, 500 JRE POINTS for a 500 yen Suica Recharge, etc.
  • Suica App: Tap Ticket Purchase•Suica Management in the lower right menu, tap Suica Pocket, tap the Suica Point Charge amount, tap Suica Charge, as shown in the screenshots below.

Your JRE POINTS have been converted into a Suica Recharge you can use for Apple Pay Suica transit or purchase that earn you more JRE POINT. Use this same process to get Green Seat upgrades with JRE POINT, simple tap the Green Seat option in JRE POINT app.

Eki-Net Ticket Purchase and Seat Upgrades
When your JRE POINT account number is registered in Eki-Net, all tickets and seat upgrades can be purchased with your JRE POINT. The option appears in all ticket and seat selections. Link Eki-Net and JRE POINT by copying the JRE POINT # in JRE POINT App, then copy it to Eki-Net.

My Number POINT (Individual Number Card and JRE POINT)
The Japanese Individual Number Card, better known as ‘My Number Card’ has a My Number point rebate program for registering your card for various government services. Here’s how to register your JRE POINT account to receive My Number Point rebates.

Download the iOS My Number Point app, open JRE POINT app, tap and copy the JRE POINT Exchange number, open My Number Point app and login, paste your JRE POINT Number then enter your birthdate. Follow the other instructions to apply for the My Number Card rebate service signups.