Setup and Use JRE POINT

JRE Points

The previous Suica Platform update outlined the upcoming migration of various JR East point systems for Suica, View Card, etc., into one single JRE POINT system. That happened on June 28 and is now complete. Here’s a quick overview guide to help you get the most out of using Apple Pay Suica and JRE POINT. The initial setup seems convoluted but is gradually getting better and more streamlined. Once setup is complete you can start racking up points for free Suica Charge or purchases.


You will need a few things:

The first step is the JRE POINT Card. Get one at any JR station area store displaying the green JRE POINT logo and get a free JRE POINT Card by filling out a simple form with name, address and email.

Next step is creating an online account on JRE POINT WEB:

  • Create a temporary account with a email address and password. I strongly recommend using the same email address and password you have for Mobile Suica. It will make your life easier. JRE POINT WEB Online offers the option to sign in with JR-EAST ID but strongly recommend not using it.
  • After creating the temporary login and password you receive an email to complete the account setup. Follow the link and complete your JRE POINT WEB account. In addition to the regular login PW you also need to set a 6 number PIN that is called #2 Password. Be sure to write this down, I guarantee you will forget it otherwise.

The next important step is registering your card numbers in JRE POINT WEB:

  • JRE POINT Card# (You can register multiple JRE POINT Cards)
  • Apple Pay Suica ID# (You can register multiple plastic Suica cards but only one Apple Pay Suica card)
  • View Card JRE POINT Card# (You can only register one View Card)

Install JrePoint App on iPhone and log in with your JRE POINT ID and password. The first time you log in you may encounter an annoying ‘confirm you are a person’ step where you have to find all the photos with car, a sign, etc.

If all is set up probably JrePoint App should display your current JRE POINT balance at the top of the main screen. You can also confirm the cards you have registered with JRE POINT.

Jre Point App Main Screen
When successfully logged into JrePoint App the main screen will show your ID and JRE POINT balance.


There are 3 ways to earn JRE POINT:

  • Use JRE POINT Card at stores displaying the green JRE POINT logo
  • Use Apple Pay Suica at stores displaying the yellow Suica JRE POINT logo
  • Use a JR East View Card for making purchases anywhere and for Apple Pay Suica Recharge

JRE POINT Card is a manual affair, present it when paying at a JRE POINT store and pay anyway you want to: Suica, credit, cash. Apple Pay Suica purchases at Suica JRE POINT stores and View card purchases anywhere automatically add JRE POINT to you account. Points are posted as follows:

  • JRE POINT Card points are added to JRE POINT account instantly
  • JRE POINT from Apple Pay Suica are added within 24 hours
  • JRE POINT from View Card are added at the end of the View card billing month

Do some research to find a card combination that makes your money work harder. For example: BIC CAMERA VIEW JCB Card + Apple Pay Suica + JRE POINT earns you JRE POINT and BIC CAMERA Points with store purchases and Apple Pay Suica Recharge that you can then turn around use for free Suica Recharge, buying anything at BIC CAMERA, exchange for gift coupons, etc.

JrePoint App Suica Recharge

We have finally arrive at the fun part of this whole exercise: exchanging hard-earned JRE POINT for a free Suica Charge. Open JrePoint App, login, tap ‘Use Points’, tap ‘Points Exchange for Suica Charge’ then tap ‘Suica ID#’.

The next screen shows you your current JRE POINT balance. 1 JRE POINT converts to 1 yen, 500 JRE POINTS for a 500 yen Suica Recharge, etc. Enter the number of points you want to exchange then tap ‘Confirm’. Check your information then tap ‘Apply’.

Suica Pocket in Suica App

You should instantly receive an email from JR East confirming your Suica Charge amount with a Suica Pocket ID# and a link. Tap the link which will take you to Safari page that says in Japanese ‘Open Suica App/Launch Suica App’. Tap Launch Suica App.

Suica App will launch and present you with a ‘Select Suica’ screen. Tap your Suica ID# which takes you to the Suica Pocket screen. Tap ‘Suica Charge’ and your Apple Pay Suica card should recharge immediately.

That’s it. Your JRE POINTS have been converted into Suica e-money you can use for Apple Pay Suica transit or purchase thus earning more JRE POINT. This guide barely scratches the surface. There are many more options and configurations available. Take some time with it and you’ll be rewarded much smarter e-money.