Dear Apple, this is not how you should treat iPhone X customers

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Word about Revision B iPhone X is slowly getting around in Japan. Appreciative readers taking the iPhone X replacement challenge are saying things like, “now that I have a iPhone X that works right I’ll stick with it for another year and forgo upgrading to iPhone XS.”

Good choice but that’s not exactly what I call customer satisfaction. Apple really needs to issue a proper exchange program or their reputation and iPhone market share in Japan will go down the drain. There’s darker side appearing too: I’m seeing more Japanese tweets of iPhone X NFC suddenly failing dramatically. I’ll keep tabs and report new developments. I hope this is not going to be yet another bad turn in an already ugly drama.

If we are seeing failed logic boards for iPhone 8 and iPhone X within the first year after manufacture, I’m seriously thinking we could be seeing the downside of Tim Cook’s long term ‘put all the supply chain and manufacturing eggs in the China basket’ strategy. That era might be ending. It might be time to spread the risk, the supply chain and manufacturing.