Why iPhone X disappeared from Apple’s Using Suica in Japan page

Apple Using Suica in Japan page
The September 21 update to Apple’s Using Suica on iPhone or Apple Watch in Japan omits any mention of iPhone X.

After careful examination of Apple’s recently updated Using Suica in Japan page I find the new device profile wording very strange: iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus and later. Why no iPhone X or later? It was there before. Why Apple, why? Could it be that the iPhone X NFC hardware problem is a profound embarrassment? And that iPhone X Suica problems seem endless?

Bingo, we have a winner.

Update: a longtime reader reached out saying I had gone a little too far: dropping iPhone X from the lineup is just simplifying things, nothing more. He has a point. Whatever the reason for iPhone X being dropped from the Suica lineup, I was angry from reading too many Japanese tweets about the new iOS 12 iPhone X Suica issues and anger is never a productive mood to write from. There are many hard working people at Apple who do their best to help customers. There are many iPhone X customers in Japan who need Apple’s help. I hope all the iPhone X NFC problems can all be resolved successfully for everyone.