The iPhone X NFC problem upgrade dilemma

I wrote about the upgrade dilemma facing users with iPhone X Suica problem devices in my iPhone XS quick review but wanted to break the discussion out into a separate post. A12 Bionic bulletproofed Apple Pay Suica performance in iPhone XS and iPhone XR along the Express Cards with power reserve feature are remarkable and a good reason for Apple Pay Suica users to upgrade.


But it’s a dilemma for iPhone X users in Japan who have yet to obtain a Revision B iPhone X exchange for problem iPhone X devices: to upgrade or not to upgrade, to put up with the Apple Support hassle of getting an exchange for a Rev-B iPhone X or not. If you can get a good ‘as is’ iPhone X trade-in price from a carrier upgrade program, the iPhone XS/XR Apple Pay Suica performance is a huge step up from a problem iPhone X device. You won’t believe the difference.

If you plan to sell the device in Japan on an auction site like Yahoo Japan here are a few tips for getting a better price based on my experience:

  • Get an Rev-B iPhone X exchange as you can get a better price advertising a ‘just like new’ exchanged device. You can also advertise the ‘manufactured after April 2018 Rev-B iPhone X Suica problem free’ aspect as that has recognition value in Japan and nowhere else.
  • If the iPhone X is a Japanese carrier model A1902 make sure the carrier SIM lock has been removed which is easy to do. For Docomo iPhone X models also make sure the ‘Docomo Network Limitation‘ has been removed as well. You can check device status on the Docomo web site and request limitation removal. List the IMEI number in the product description so that potential buyers can check it for themselves.
  • If the iPhone X has AppleCare+, offer to transfer AppleCare after the sale.

If you don’t choose the upgrade option and have a problem iPhone X, be sure to exchange it for a Rev-B iPhone X as it is easier to do in Japan than anywhere else. You can certainly live with a Rev-B iPhone X NFC performance as it matches iPhone 8. Current iOS 12 Apple Pay Suica performance problems are fixed in the upcoming iOS 12.1 update.